Cole's Grace Project was founded by Rachel Austin in honor of her son, Cole, who died by suicide in 2015. 
(To read about their personal story, click HERE)

MISSION STATEMENT: We exist to ease the financial burden of grieving family members who desire counseling after the loss of a loved one due to suicide, homicide, or an accidental death.

We are a not-for-profit, Christian-based project partnering with Agape Counseling Services of West Texas. Our affiliated counselors are licensed therapists specializing in grief and trauma. They are affiliated with various counseling centers and/or work in private practices. A portion of our funding goes toward equipping these counselors with training specifically geared toward furthering their education in grief and trauma.

We are currently in the process of fundraising!  We will begin accepting online applications for recipients in October, 2016.  This fundraising time allows our Steering Committee and Counselor Committee the time to finalize operating details and complete the mandatory, specialized training sessions for affiliated counselors.   

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